Making Phones Entertaining with Mobile Accessories

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We live in the age of technology where most of the work to be performed by us is now being easily performed with the help of technology. Mobile phones were one of the best inventions of man, with the help of which we can now communicate easily with someone living far away from us. In the earlier days, communication between individuals living far away could only happen with the exchange of written letters. However, that slowly changed to trunk calls, telegraph, paging machines, telefax and then telephones. These have revolutionized the communication between individuals and distance no more is an issue with such technology.

The present times are such that phones are no more used as only machines with the help of which people can call each other and speak. Phones of today have multiple functions including accessing internet, taking pictures, listening to music, storage devices etc. People even love to beautify and add value to their mobile phones with the help of various mobile accessories. These include phone covers, screen guards, phone cases, head phones, ear phones, data cables, power banks, chargers, memory cards etc. These are purchased by people depending upon their utility for a number of different reasons. Power banks for example are a great accessory for people who are constantly travelling and on the move and have no access to charging stations. Screen guards and phone covers are a great way to keep the instrument protected from breaking or scratches on falling down etc. Depending upon the utility people can choose the accessory that they think would serve their purpose the best.

A Bluetooth head set is a great instrument to listen to music, audio or even speak on phone without any shackles of wires. These help people listen to music, take calls or even listen to any other audio source without the use of cables and provide hands free ability. Most of the headsets these days come with a number of added features including listening to the audio source with the help of voice command, receiving voice alerts in respect of calls, battery levels, talk time balance and other things, compatibility with instruments such as mobile phones, computers, music systems etc.

Many brands in the market have introduced such headsets in to the markets. However, a few names have managed to receive the attention and the loyalty of the customers and one such product is the Sony Bluetooth headset. These headsets come with the latest technology and great audio quality. They are designed and made to have long hours of battery charge, in a number of colours, great frequency response and connectivity. They come in different styles including ear hook, in ear, neck band and clip on ear. Most of these also have a multi point connectivity and a great display and a built in FM radio. They use high precision sound technology to give a studio recorded clarity feature to the listeners and authentic sound quality. The latest headsets of the brand also have the touch, tap and swipe technology where the listener can stop, play or change tracks by just touching, tapping or swiping the outer part of the headsets.

Bumper Case for Your Smartphone

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Most consumers spend a lot of money for procuring a fresh tablet or smartphone, but are not inclined to invest a good amount of cash for ensuring that it wouldn’t get busted or scratched. These devices continue to give good service if we take care that they don’t go down the toilet, slip out of hand and go down the staircase, or get fingered by toddlers at home.

The newer models that get introduced are tougher than the earlier models, and many of Android phones in the today’s market are waterproof. Nevertheless, it is rare to see one without any scratches. Should you be interested in understanding what could be consequences of a phone meeting with a blow, you may check various online videos. You would know why it is so vital to procure a cover or bumper case for you gadget. Next, here are the steps to help you select the most appropriate one:

The level of protection you require

The most important consideration is the toughness of the case. It all depends on how you handle things. If you are too carefree to let things slip from your grasp, you should go for something offering utmost protection. On the other hand, if you are quite careful in handling your possessions, you could look for a case that provides elementary protection at an affordable expense. The weight and size of the case is directly proportional to desired protection level.

Rugged cases

The more rugged is the case, the heavier and bulky it becomes. Such a bumper case is designed to contain air pockets along with reinforcements around its corners to significantly reduce the chances of your gadget getting damaged. All these safety measures add to the bulkiness of your gadget. They should provide an easy grip even if your hands were wet. But you may find it a bit more cumbersome to put in or remove the device from your pocket, making it practical to make use of a holster or belt clip to remain comfortable.

Tough cases

In the present market, you can find a large number of cases tough enough to withstand the consequences of an accidental drop. These are not too bulky and don’t sacrifice style altogether. The design of such a cover incorporates tough polycarbonate sheet plus an inner lining of a softer material, like silicone, for absorbing shocks. Covers of this type bearing the certification of military drop test are the best.

Thin or indispensable cases

Having got a device with a stunning design, you may not like to keep it covered with a case that gives it bulkier looks. When style is your priority, and safety a secondary issue, you should go for a thin case. The part of your instrument that gets covered with such a thin case is unable to attract scratches. So, the looks of your instruments are largely retained. It also enhances the chances of instrument’s survival in case of a fall. You may not be really keen to invest a lot on a thin bumper case. Yet, these are good in the sense that they provide the necessarily needed level of protection.

10 iPhone 6 Cases

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So your expensive phone finally arrived. You get enthusiastic, test the display, run a game, import contact list and then you remember you have to go buy some groceries. Perfect time for the first trip with your new phone. But then the universe decides it’s time for you to pay for every bad karma you gathered in your life. The phone suddenly becomes sentient, gets extra slippery and just jumps out of your hand or pocket and lands onto the pavement. The screen is now broken and you are in anguish, thinking what could you have done to prevent this situation.

If it didn’t happen to you yet, I am absolutely sure you know at least one friend who has experienced this horror story.

Everybody drops their phone sooner or later so what can you do to protect it? Buy a case or a protective screen? But wouldn’t a case make my phone look cheap and like a brick?

These questions are natural, you can’t compare the feeling of the phone the way it was designed, in it’s nude state (metal, glass or leather) with the somewhat cheap, bulky feeling of a protective phone case.

In an attempt to deliver a better phone experience some companies offer an interesting warranty offer. For example, the HTC One M9 will get replaced once if your phone gets damaged, including accidental drops or screen cracks.

But most companies will charge you extra fees (up to 200$) in order to repair your phone if you accidentally drop it.

So in order to keep your phone safe, but without it looking ugly or cheap, let’s have a look at what case manufacturers have to offer in order to satisfy both safety and design needs.

Note: A case will keep your phone’s value in case you want to resell it.

Since the appearance of the iPhone 6 and 6+, it has been observed that this phone is more prone to taking damage than the other high end phones (Samsung Galaxy S6 is also on the top list also because of its glass and metal build). From the occasional scratches to screen cracks, we definitely need to protect our expensive phones. So we have compiled a top 10 list of the best iPhone 6 cases that, hopefully, won’t empty your pocket.

1. Apple Leather Case

One of the first options you get when considering buying a case for your iPhone is actually from its manufacturer. Apple offers two types of cases for its iPhone 6, silicone and leather. We will have a look at the leather case.


Apple took on a more non-invasive, minimalistic design using a soft leather cover that doesn’t take away form the premium feel of the phone.

The case is durable, provides a sturdy grip and what we enjoyed the most is that it adds almost nothing in terms of bulk (5.91×2.76×0.59 inches) or weight(1.76 ounces).

Another good factor is the fact that the case is easy to snap in place and very easy to remove. It wraps around the back and the three sides (all corners are covered).

Note: On the back rests the Apple logo.

The Apple Leather Case comes in black, midnight blue, red, soft pink and olive brown.


The Apple Leather Case offers protection against daily use, average drops (around 6 feet) or scratches. If better protection is needed in rougher environments we recommend a tougher case (Otterbox and LifeProof are a good alternative).

Inside the case there is a microfiber that keeps the iPhone from getting scratches when you remove it or put it in your pocket.

Also, the case is thick enough to protect the camera lens and the screen.


The case has holes for headphone jack, lighting cable, speaker and mute button, basically leaving the bottom of the phone completely exposed.

The buttons are responsive under the case and although the buttons were a bit hard to press at first, after a couple of days, they eased up. In the camera cavity there is a black anti-glare section.

One problem we encountered is that because of the higher dent around the screen, some gestures (like swiping from left) are hard to perform.

The Apple Leather Case does bring an element of class to the iPhone 6 and although the leather ages, it does add character, but right now, the case is a bit overpriced. If you don’t complain about the price, then this case is perfect for the average consumer, melding together both a reasonable protection and a high quality design.

2. Otterbox Symmetry Series

Otterbox features three types of cases -Defender, Commuter and Symmetry – and we will focus on the slimmest in Otterbox’s portfolio, the Otterbox Symmetry.


The case is well-designed, it maintains the curve of the iPhone as much as possible, despite the fact that it is a bit bulky. The material is two-toned, with soft synthetic rubber on the inside and polycarbonate on the outside.

Although the Apple logo is covered, the back panel is rather stylish and has a premium feel. But like said before, the case is bulkier and heavier than other slim cases, measuring (LWH) 7.6×1.63×6.0 inches and weighting 6.7 ounces.

The case is made of a single piece, so installing and removing the case is rather easy.

The Otterbox Symmetry comes in two-toned colours: Black, Blue Print, Glacier, Teal Rose and Damson Berry.


In terms of protection, the Otterbox Symmetry features drop and scratch protection, the maximum drop height averaging around 6 feet.

Also, the edge of the case is slightly raised around the screen so when you drop it face first your phone will remain protected (if the surface is flat enough; in any case we recommend a screen protector to go with this case).


Access-wise, the case is reasonable. The buttons, although covered (except the Mute button), remain clickable and there is an anti-glare section around the camera port.

There are cut-outs around the speaker, lightning port, headphone and microphone ports.

Overall, the case feels solid (as expected from Otterbox) and it does manage to deliver a great iPhone experience to those who do not mind the bulky size of the case.

Also, considering the fact that the price dropped to about 30$, this is one of the best cases for iPhone 6.

3. LifeProof Nuud

LifeProof is a consecrated company that makes iPhone accessories since 2011. Since 2013 it has been acquired by Otterbox.


The Lifeproof Nuud is a light, slim case with a stylish design and solid overall feel. The case is very compact, it measures 7.75×4.25×1.1 inches and weighs 5.78 ounces.

Installing the case is simple and straightforward, it’s a matter of snapping the front and bottom parts together.

Note: You should always do the water test before exposing your phone.

The case comes in black, white, blue and pink.


The main thing you will notice is the fact that the display is uncovered, hence the name Nuud. There is an optional screen protector included in the box.

The LifeProof Nuud Case is waterproof, but we wouldn’t recommend it for surfing or any prolonged subaquatic activity. It works best when you accidentally drop it in snow or in a small puddle of water and you quickly remove it.

If you drop the phone from normal height (maximum 7 feet), it should not damage the phone, but there may be exceptions if the surface is not flat, as the screen is exposed.


Access to the iPhone is somewhat decent, the buttons are covered by durable plastic flaps and the headphone jack is protected by an attached screwed cap (which can be an annoyance sometimes, but necessary in order to be waterproof).

You may turn a blind eye to these minor inconveniences because you will have the full feeling of the display, thanks to the uncovered display.

Still, a major problem that a lot of users reported is that the LifeProof Nuud affects the sound quality of the iPhone 6. While listening to some some songs or watching a movie, the sound is less clear and at a lower volume than you would when listening with the bare phone. The microphone is also affected as a lot of people have reported that hearing the iPhone user on the other end was a hassle.

The camera and the flash have their own cut-out space so it doesn’t affect the photo quality at all.

All in all, the case does achieve its purpose, it is waterproof and shockproof, it allows perfect access to the display, has reasonable access to buttons, camera remains clear and if the sound quality was unaffected, this would have been the perfect case.

4. Mophie Juice Pack H2Pro

The Juice Pack H2Pro, is the first waterproof battery case from Mophie.


The Juice Pack H2Pro features a stylish design with a black matte finish (there is a glossy white finish available) that feels very comfortable in hand.

Although the case is quite bulky, comparing it to other external battery packs, it is rather slim. Still, the Juice Pack H2Pro will double the size and the weight of your phone, measuring 5.91×2.76×0.59 inches and weighing 1.76 ounces.

In order to install the case you only have to slide the main case part over the phone and push the top part afterwards in order to seal the case.

The Juice Pack H2Pro comes in two variations: Glossy white and black matte plastic.


The Juice Pack H2Pro has a waterproof protection rating of IP-68, as the case has been tested to a depth of 4 feet for 30 minutes.

The case provides protection against scratches or scrapes and can withstand drops from up to 6 feet thanks to the screen’s protective layer.

Note: H2PRO meets Military Standard 810G-516.6 for drops and other potentially damaging situations.

Access and Battery

The front of the case is somewhat featureless, with small metallic vents for microphones and speakers, with cut-out holes for microUSB and headphone ports and on the sides there are protectors covering the buttons.

Over the display, you can find a flexible membrane that allows for reasonable access to the touch screen and the Touch ID.

The case features an on/off system and four light power indicator.

The Juice Pack H2Pro comes equipped with a 2,750mAh rechargeable battery that basically doubles (and more) the battery life of your iPhone. According to Mophie you gain 11 additional hours of video playback and about 50 additional hours of music playback.

During our testing, the battery delivered an additional 130% recharge.

Overall, the Juice Pack H2Pro delivers a premium experience, featuring great protection, a good looking design (although inevitably bulky) and a rechargeable battery.

5. Tech21 Classic Frame

Tech21 promises great protection using innovative materials (D30), without adding too much size to the iPhone 6. Let’s see if it delivers.


The case features a minimalistic design, sporting a tough polycarbonate back and flexible D30 material sides. The back panel is transparent (you can see the iPhone’s design through) and the edges provide a lot of grip thanks to the rubbery texture.

Tech21 Classic Frame has a thin profile, measuring (LHW) 3.03×0.69×6.15 inches and weighing 4 ounces.

Installing and removing the case is relatively easy. Because the bottom is exposed, you can insert the phone through (or pull from the bottom for removal).

The case comes into two choices of colour: Clear to Smokey.


Tech21 claims that thanks to their innovative technology, the D30 material, shocks should be absorbed and dissipated leaving the phone unharmed.

And they are right, the phone is protected from drops from up to 6 feet. We tested from around three feet and the iPhone 6 was safe and sound.

What about the screen? Well, the outer lip around the screen extends up a bit higher so that if you drop your phone face down, it will protect it from shattering (may limit the use of some swiping gestures). Still, it may be recommended to acquire a screen protector in case the phone is dropped on an dangerous surface.

All this protection comes without adding too much bulk, unlike other cases.


In terms of access the case behaves relatively well.

You have full access to the phones controls thanks to the cut-out on the bottom (easy access to the speaker, microphone, lighting port or headset jack) and on the side for the phones mute switch.

The volume controller and the power button are covered by built-in button into the case itself. Some complaints are that the buttons feel a bit spongy when pressed and pushing them may require a bit more force than you would expect.

In the end, the case does offer a good amount of protection, doesn’t take away from the native iPhone style and most important, it isn’t bulky, so in my book, this is a must have case.

6. Case-Mate Barely There

Just like the name suggests, the case is barely there, perfect for people who don’t really like to have a case but acknowledge the need to protect their iPhone.


The case features a minimalist design, with a matte finish (we tested the black version) and a cut-out for the Apple logo.

The Case-Mate Barely There is very thin, adds almost nothing in terms of bulk (2.8×0.4×5.5inches) or weight (0.5 ounces) and you will often forget it’s on the phone.

It is very easy to install, you just have to slide the right side and just clip the left side of the case.

The Case-Mate Barely There comes in a large array of colours: black, white, clear, pink, green, orange, brown, gold, silver, blue, grey, purple, red and mixed.


The Case-Mate Barely There provides a more basic protection than the other cases we have reviewed, being able to prevent only cosmetic damage (scratches). Still, there is a good protection for back, sides and corners.

Inside the case you can find a textured rubber that prevents phone scratches from dust stuck inside the case.

Unfortunately, if you want protection against drops (especially dropping your phone face down), this case does not deliver such a feat, but if scratches or scrapes are the reason you want a case, then this is the perfect case for you.


Accessibility is one of the best parts of this case. It features cut-outs for easy access to the volume controller, power and mute button, leaving the top and bottom of the iPhone exposed.

Thanks to these cut-outs, it is very easy to use the Dock Adaptor. Also, a great thing is that it doesn’t obstruct the swipe gestures.

7. Spigen Tough Armor Case

Let’s have a look at one of the toughest cases for iPhone 6, the Spigen Tough Armor Case.


The Spigen Tough Armor Case is surprisingly slim considering the protection it provides, featuring a dual-layer design, an inner TPU core (that prevents the hard outer frame from scratching the body) and a polycarbonate outer frame.

However, despite the fact that it is quite slim considering its capabilities, it does add some amount of bulk, measuring 3.75×1.0×7.0 inches and weighing 4.96 ounces.

Thanks to the soft interior finish, installing and removing the case is easily done.

The Spigen Tough Armor Case comes into 4 different colour variations: Gunmetal, Satin Black, Smooth Black and Champagne.

This case is compatible with screen protectors.


The Spigen Tough Armor Case offers great protection to your iPhone with the air cushioned technology, meaning shock is absorbed and dispersed through the TPU core.

The case offer protection for drops from up to 6 feet.

The screen is left exposed, but the case lip is a bit higher so it may protect your screen, but it is recommended to purchase a screen protector just to be sure.


The case has cut-outs for easy access to ports, buttons, camera and dock connector.

On the back of the case you can find a circular cut-out to show the Apple logo (the area can easily scratch).

This case manages to achieve a solid, elegant look, while giving enough protection for almost every cosmetic and even heavier damage.

8. Incipio DualPro Shine

In the past, Incipio cases were OK-ish, nothing impressive, but the DualPro tends to change this perception.


The design of the Incipio DualPro Shine is quite unique, using two layers, instead of one, each with its own style and role.

The first one is a shock absorbing dLAST TPE rubber layer and the exterior shell is made from polycarbonate, featuring a brushed aluminium finish.

To install the case all you have to do is simply slip the iPhone into the rubber layer and afterwards clip the plastic layer onto the back.

While uninstalling we have noticed a problem. Because the cut-out for the camera is thin, you can easily break the case around it.

One surprising fact about the Incipio DualPro Shine is that although it features two layers, it isn’t very bulky, measuring 5.65×2.88×0.45 inches and weighing 1.6 ounces.

Incipio DualPro Shine comes into Gunmetal/Black, Silver/Grey, White/Grey, Gold/Black and Gold/Pink


Each of the two layers of the Incipio DualPro Shine has its own role. The inner layer is stretch resistant and the outer shell provides protection to scratches and scrapes.

Overall, the case protects your phone from falls from up to 4 feet and the edges do provide a little screen protection if falling face first.

One minus is that the outer shell is quite slick (slicker than the iPhone itself) so it can fall out of you hand easily.


The Incipio DualPro Shine allows you to access all the iPhone’s buttons. It features cut-outs for the lighting port, for the headphone jack, speaker and camera.

Buttons are covered with a rubber material that can be pressed with ease. The exception is the mute switch that can be a little hard to manoeuvre if you don’t have bigger fingernails.

The Incipio DualPro Shine is compatible with other screen protectors.

9. Griffin Reveal Case

The American company, Griffin Technology, features a large array of cases for the iPhone. To name a few: The Survivor All-Terrain, the Survivor Core, the Survivor Slim, and the Reveal case, which we will review right now.


The Griffin Reveal Case is a slim and lightweight case featuring a simple, minimalist design, with slim rubber edges (that provide good grip) and a sturdy, completely transparent, plastic back.

The case itself doesn’t add too much bulk, it measures 6.3×0.4×3.25 inches and weighs 1.6 ounces.

The transparent back is made of polycarbonate and although it shows the back of the phone, it retains fingerprints and scratch marks with ease.

Thanks to the rubber edges, the Griffin Reveal Case provides really good grip and makes it really easy to install or remove the case.

The frame is available in black, white or pink.

Overall, the case feels solid, the design is simple and will please every user who desires to see as much of the iPhone 6 as possible.


The edges of the Griffin Reveal Case absorb shock and the back does protect the iPhone 6 from scratches or other cosmetic damage but it doesn’t offer too much protection for serious drops or any heavy inflicted damage.

Because the case wraps around the edges, there is a bit of protection for the screen, especially if you drop it face first.


The Griffin Reveal Case has it’s ups and downs in terms of access.

It does feature cut-outs for lighting port, microphone, headset jack and camera. Also, there is a cut-out for mute switch large enough for it to slide easily and a black rim to prevent reflecting flash.

But, the case covers the power and volume buttons, making them a lot tougher to push.

10. Pong Sleek Case

Pong Research comes into the market with two case models for the iPhone 6: Sleek and Rugged. Pong claims that the cases reduce radiation and strengthen the signal of your phone.


Pong Sleek Case features a sleek design, with a smooth exterior and diamond shaped grills on the back revealing a part of the gold metal antenna.

The case covers the phone corners completely, but it doesn’t add too much bulk, measuring 6.75×1.25×4.25 inches and weighing 4.64 ounces.

Note: To install the case all you have to do is to snap it on the phone.

One complaint would be the fact that the case is more slippery than the iPhone itself, even on the edges.

The case is available in black, white and red.


One of the main aspects of this case is that it should reduce the radiation (using a micro-thin gold-plated antenna) by 89% under SAR limit – great for prevention as there is no definitive study to show that there may be harm from using cellphones.

Other than the radiation protection, the Pong Sleek Case can withstand drops from up to 6 feet (certified by US military standards).

The case also protects from scratches and other cosmetic damage.


In terms of access, we had no problem while using this case because all the ports and buttons are uncovered.

Cases for Moto G4 Play

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Lenovo has just released the fourth generation of what is arguably the most popular midrange smartphone in the Android marketplace. Building on the success of the previous versions, Lenovo has tried to give users a little more choice than they have had before when it comes to buying Moto G. This year, with the Moto G4, there are actually 3 different versions of the phone with the plain vanilla Moto G4 as the mid-tier model, a Moto G4 Plus that packs some very nice hardware upgrades into the same body and the slightly low end Moto G4 Play. One reason that owners looking to upgrade from a previous generation Moto G4, may want to go for the new G4 Play is that while the other two models in the fourth generation lineup have increased in size to pack in a larger 5.5″ display, the Play version stays with the same 5″ display that its predecessors have had for the last two generations. What this means is that while the new Moto G4 and G4 Plus are identical on the outside and can share cases, designer cases for the Moto G4 Play cannot be shared with any of its brethren.

The best value for money: Moto G4

For people who do not want the latest and greatest in hardware specs and who are just looking for a very capable midrange device with no major flaws or shortcomings at a great price, the Play is a great value. You can buy the phone and get a couple of designer cases for Moto G4 Play and still save some money over the standard Moto G4 and even more over the Moto G4 Plus. What then, will Play owners be giving up by going with the economy version of the G4? Firstly, the Play has a slower Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the 410 model. It is still quad core though and should have more than enough muscle for everything but the most cutting edge games. The display is still a 720p screen rather than a Full HD 1080p version. This isn’t too much of a sacrifice however because at 5″ the screen still works out to a ppi that almost touches 300.

Save on the phone, spend on personalisation.

Young consumers who don’t need the most high end performance from their phones but who want to customise them to their hearts content would do well to pick up a perfectly capable phone at a great price, such as the G4 Play and then spend the money they saved on accessories like cases and covers for the phone. If the previous generations of the Moto G are anything to go by, the market should soon be flooded with designer cases for the Moto G4 Play as well as its more expensive siblings, the standard G4 and the G4 Plus. While Lenovo plans to offer the Moto Maker customisation service for the Moto G4 for the first time in the model’s history, whether this option is available with the G4 Play remains to be seen.

Different Types of Screen Protectors

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A plastic or glass screen protector is a perfect solution to minimize damage to all types of on-the-go electronic devices. Screen protectors come in several different materials to increase the ability to provide the right protection and minimize issues with unwanted marks or scratches on the screen. Here are three of the different types of screen protectors:

PET Film

The PET film is one of the most common choices on the market and can provide plenty of useful benefits. This type provides a reliable solution to protect the screen at a relatively low price. Plus, there are many different types of protectors in this category which vary from the plain to matte finishes. A great positive of the PET film is the ease of installation and removal, as well as the high transparency for crystal-clear viewing. But, this film does have the negative of being prone to fingerprint marks and gives minimal protection in the event of impact.

For greater resistance to marks, scratches, or fingerprints, the matte PET film is the preferred option. However, this film can present a slight downgrade in the quality of the screen visibility.


The intention of the liquid screen protector is to give the portable device long-term protection against scratches that result from normal wear and tear, repels dust, and leaves the screen feeling smooth. A single application of this nano coating technology is said to provide protection for up to 6 months. Plus, this type of screen protector has the ability to provide twice the protection of the more traditional films, while also being resistant to water spills and providing anti-static qualities.

The liquid screen protectors are more practical on the oleophobic coated or gorilla glass devices and don’t have much of an impact on devices with regular tempered glass screens.

Tempered Glass

The tempered glass screen protector is a sturdier option compared to the thin (about 0.1mm), plastic choices. Tempered glass has a thickness in the region of 0.3-0.5mm and gives a feel that is virtually the same as the original screen. Some of the great qualities of this type of protector is the oleophobic coating (reduces stain or fingerprint marks) and a higher degree of impact protection. Also, the installation process is usually a lot easier than using the plastic film. A slight downside to the glass protectors is the thickness, which is more noticeable on certain devices and might cause aesthetic issues for some users.

Motorola Moto Turbo

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The noted Smartphone maker Motorola has come out with yet another mobile. It has chosen to call it as Moto Turbo. The tech geeks have been looking forward to this model from the company as they expected it to come with high-resolution camera, long-lasting battery and faster processor. Moreover, the makers had said in the past that the new mobile device would be made of premium materials and have screen with 2K resolution. However, this mobile is going to come with a price tag of Rs. 41,999. The tech analysts say that they can go for Sony Xperia Z3 or Vibe Z2 Pro with probably same features and less money. When this talk has come out, it is time for us to sit back and discuss what makes this new model from Motorola stands apart from others. This article precisely does that only for the benefit of the readers.

Look and Feel

In the past, Motorola had carefully chosen materials that make its models different from those coming from other established brands in the market. For instance, it had used wood and leather back panels for the Moto X series of mobiles. Working on the same lines, Motorola has used ballistic nylon to make the rear casing in this new model. In the past, the company had used the very same material to stitch the shrapnel-proof jackets for the soldiers taking part in World War II. The material is hard to scratch with sharper objects. It also provides excellent grip when the user holds this model. The front panel is dominated by a 5.2-inch touch-screen display. The user can see three haptic keys – Back, Home and Task Switcher – below this display. The chrome plating surrounds this sizeable display. The front and front-facing cameras are located above this display. On the backside, the user can see main camera and two LED flashes on its sides. From sides, this Smartphone has a plastic frame with rubbery texture. This rubber frame of the device connects the back panel with chrome plating surface. This rubber frame makes a chin at the bottom. He can see the SIM card slot in the Volume Rocker. A nana-coating on the surface provides protection to the Smartphone from liquid spillage.


The device comes with a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED touch-screen display. Its resolution is 1440×2560 pixels. The pixel density of this display is 565ppi. Gorilla Glass 3 layer on the display top offers protection from scratches. This display provides great viewing angles, excellent contrast and good readability in sunlight. Quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor powers this Smartphone. This processor clocks a computational speed of 2.7GHz. The visual quality gets improved due to the presence of Adreno 420 GPU. It comes packed with 3GB RAM and 4GB internal storage memory. The mobile also has onboard a 21-megapixel primary camera and a 2-megapixel front camera. The main camera has an LED flash facility. It connects internet and other devices with the help of 2G, Wi-Fi and 3G options. The users can do the data transfer with the help of micro-USB and Bluetooth 4.0 options. Apart from these, it also has infrared and NFC options to help the data transfer. The power backup for the mobile is given by 3900mAh battery. The operating system of this device is Android 5.0.

Winter Survival for Smartphone Battery Tips

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Smartphones are essential in today’s world as they add up to the digital lifestyle of a consumer. For this very reason, it is essential to keep it up and running. However often due to weather extremities and sudden drop in temperature, your Smartphone might give you troubles. No matter which Smartphone you are using iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Sony or any other these are sensitive to weather changes and surrounding environment. Now that the winters have set in with its chill and the snowfall, it is more likely to cause damage to your device.

Given here are a few tips that will help you protect your precious Smartphone during this cold season:

Why is chilly weather harmful for your Smartphone?
You might still not be aware about the most technical aspects of your Smartphone. Often manufacturers specify the optimum temperature range for a given gadget in technical specs. For example, if you are using an iPhone 5S then the ideal temperature range for this phone would be-4° to 113° Fahrenheit. This temperature would be at the time when it is not in use and powered down. When your iPhone is powered on then the range of temperature is narrow, Apple gives a suggestion of maintaining 32° Fahrenheit. If you are using some other brand then the temperature range can be -4° Fahrenheit.

Another thing that you ought to remember is that when batteries that are lithium-ion based are affected by sudden temperature changes. This often has an adverse effect upon the battery performance. During the cold seasons the battery drains faster.

Surviving Cold Weather
We all carry touch sensitive phones that require proper care during the winter season. Even though you try hard still when you are out in the cold weather you cannot access your touch screen. Even opting for special gloves is not going to prevent your device from damage. For those who are still using woolen gloves will not be able to access their device. Think about protecting your device as why your device should be left out in cold to bear that temperature drop, it is a device with delicate components that are sensitive to environmental changes.
The best option here seems to be the Stylus. This comes handy for performing better functions as well as typing when you are out in the cold if you so need to do it.

Quick Tips
After knowing exactly why your Smartphone is behaving erratically during this chilly season you need to check upon some quick tips that will help you pull through the winters:
• Avoid leaving your phone out in the cold or in a chill zone. For example, leaving your phone out in the parked car during winter season is not a good idea. It is advisable to carry your phone in your jacket pocket and close to your body so that your body heat can keep your Smartphone warm.

• If you need to leave your phone behind then it is better to switch it off rather than leaving it on sleep mode. This way not only will you save on battery power but also the performance of your phone will be multiplied.

• Always purchase cases for your Smartphone that are manufactured by the equipment maker. For example if you are purchasing an iPhone then it is better to purchase cases from Apple instead of going in for some local company. Good cases help in regulating the temperature of your phone and this is why it is advised to purchase from OEMs only.

• Carrying extra battery for your phone is yet another good option especially when you are travelling in cold environment or places where it snows a lot.

All the above given tips are simple and easy but worth keeping in mind when you next travel to a cold country or face winters. Your Smartphone will perform better and the battery will last longer if you keep it protected from weather extremities.

Most Popular Android Apps For April 2010

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In Wiki4Android we did a research on the top 5 latest, fastest growing apps of the past month March – April 2010. Unsurprisingly, all of these applications are free.

Out of the 5 applications, 3 are games, with Paper Toss gaining the most downloads in the shortest period of time (about 23k downloads per day).

2 of the top 5 games are MMO (massively multiplayer online game). (Hint hint, game developers) World War is currently the second fastest growing application in terms of rate of downloads.

Below are the top 6 fastest growing   application  in the  Android  Market, ranked by users rate of download.

Paper Toss (Action Game, 23k downloads/day)

The most popular game of March – April is the simple yet addictive Paper Toss by Backflip studios. This game is great because it’s so simple that even kids know how to play. Easy touch controls, great sound effects, and nice graphics are the features of this game. Originally a game developed for iPhone.

World War (MMO RPG, 20k downloads/day)

World War (by Storm8) was on iPhone for quite some time, and now that it comes to Android, it became an instant hit due to the already huge number of players / fans. This game has pretty sophisticated game play. It has multiple upgrades and unlocks based on your level. Apart from that, there is a social element that lets you form alliances with players from all over the world.

Opera Mini 5 (Utility – browser, 17k downloads/day)

This is a really fast browser. The main features that are advertised by Opera are tabbed browsing, the speed dial feature, password management system etc. Pages also display faster with Opera because of its powerful server side compression.

Engadget (Utility – news, 10k downloads/day)

Many of us Android users are also tech-savvy people. Engadget app by AOL Inc. keeps you up to date with the latest development in electronics, gadgets, and Android news. If you don’t like reading (like me), you might still be interested in watching “the Engadget Show” available for streaming online if you download this application.

Pocket Empires (MMO strategy, 3k downloads/day)

This game reminds us of Travian. You build your city, perform researches, harvest resources and train army. There are tons of upgrades, items, and different kinds of enemies that makes this game worth playing for a long time without ever getting bored. Other than that, this game has nice graphics and features a global top 100 player board.


How to Speed Up Your Old Android Smartphone?

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Do you wait for your old Android smartphone to respond to your commands ? This must have become troublesome for you. Smartphones have become a part of daily life precisely because these reduce the human efforts. Your old Android smartphones might decisively lack in this. It may not be responding and accepting your commands. And now you must be feeling that it is nothing less than a useless box. Need not to worry! There is still something that you can do to your old Android smartphone. With some precautions and maintenance, you can make your old smartphone compatible.

Here is a short guide, which can help you keep your old smartphone upbeat . Following these manual steps will speed up your Android smartphone again. Here it goes:

Clear App Cache: You must have installed/un-installed multiple applications or games on your Android device. This saves cache data on your phone. The cache data or junk files simultaneously increase the loading time of several applications and it also eats up precious system resources. By clearing this cache data or junk files, you can retrieve chunks of storage space and reduce the loading time of applications.

Disable Bloatware and Unwanted Applications: Having a lot of storage space in your phone is totally fine. But keeping avoidable apps is harmful your smartphone’s life. Bloatware refers to the pre-installed apps that are not in use, most of the time. For obvious reason you don’t use all your downloaded applications regularly. Therefore, there is no point keeping these unnecessary applications. Unused apps work as resource-hogs and consume precious storage space and RAM. Remove the bloatware. Also, disable the apps which, you are not using for the time being. You can anytime enable these apps and use it.

Keep Updating the Phone’s Software: Having an old Android device, doesn’t really mean to have an older version of the software. Software updates are not always about new features. These updates also come up with lots of minor bug fixes, which genuinely enhance your device’s performance. Keep updating the required software or applications, as it will make your smartphone more responsive.

Discard Live Widgets and Wallpapers: Live wallpapers and widgets, yeah!! It looks so cool, but they eat up your system’s resources and slow down your Android smartphone to the core. Try to limit the widgets on your screen and say no to live wallpapers; as they directly affect the performance and battery life of your Android device.

Use High-Speed Memory-Card: To make your old Android smartphone work smarter, you must insert a high-speed memory card. The high access speed of your memory card gradually enhances the read-write speed on your smartphone. Memory cards are available in several genres such as Class 10, Class 6 and Class 4. Class 10 and Class 6 are the highly preferred memory card classes. These boost the device’s entire performance.

Enable Battery-Saver Mode: Battery life plays a crucial role in increasing your device’s overall performance. To ensure that it lasts long, you must use your smartphone while it has sufficient battery. Using apps or surfing internet in low battery mode, adversely affect the battery life. With a drained battery, your device’s processor wouldn’t be able to perform effectively. You can manually enable the battery saving option that gets activated while using Wi-Fi in a low battery mode.

So while wrapping up the guide the aforementioned steps will help you to boost the performance of your years old Android smartphone.


Safe Android Apps Download – Not Like Searching for a Needle in a Haystack of Data

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Android OS based devices are ruling the electronic world today. Android Smartphones are the only ones that can be said to have affected the growth of the mighty iPhone. The main reason behind such huge popularity of the Android devices is not just because the OS is from Google but also because of the fact that there is no scarcity for free applications for Android based devices that makes them popular. Though there is no scarcity for the free Android apps, unfortunately, along with free stuff comes in the problem of malware and viruses. The potential risk of getting the Android devices infected with virus or malware is keeping many of them stay away from enjoying loads of free Android apps. Statistics indicate that 18,000+ new Android applications appeared just during this month (November 2010 alone). Certainly, looking for safe virus free Android applications would seem like searching for a needle in a digital haystack of data. However, here is the key to sort out the safest Android applications from the rest.

The best Protection Against Virus, Malware and Spyware:

Well, this is not about any advertisement about some antivirus program for your Android device. In fact if you go behind searching for the best antivirus for your Android device, you’d probably end up in getting a virus itself. So the best protection against all vulnerabilities of your Android device is to spot the best one. Just keep on reading to know how to spot the safest free Android apps.

* User reviews, comments and ratings the main deciding factor – The primary deciding factor to confirm the safety of the free Android apps is the user reviews. As the Android applications are getting widely used, there would be many first time users for every application and they would definitely share their experiences with the application. If there are similar negative feedback from the users, it is obviously wise to stay away from that application.

* Ignoring Permission Alerts are paths to breach of personal information – All the Android powered devices carry sensitive personal information. Due to people’s tendency to install and try all the free applications, scammers can gain easy access to this info as well. According to certain surveys, only 1 out of 10 people read the installation instructions and the permission alerts. Ignoring the permission alerts (such as the ones that need your permission to access your address book) will be like opening the doors wide open for the scammers. Read the permission alerts carefully while installing free Android apps. If there are no permission alerts during installation, you can always see the permission setting buy navigating to “security” through market- menu- downloads-select app – menu – security.

* Android apps download from sites that provide a wealth of resourceful and useful information – There are many spots online where you can find free Android apps along with lots of details. Always look for info such as history of previous versions of the application, permissions needed, user comments, application evolution history etc.

The bottom line is that the key to best protection from adware, malware, viruses and other security vulnerabilities with free Android apps lies within the information provided about the app along with the feedback and comments from the users.