Case Study: My Experience With Attorneys

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Basic Questions to Ask an Attorney Before you Hire Their Services

The fact that you are not getting legal services for free means you shouldn’t settle for less when it comes to getting a competent lawyer. Luckily, most of the lawyers today are not only qualified but highly experienced in their fields of specialization. Even so, some due diligence will be necessary if you are to end up with a lawyer you will be happy with. There are some key questions you can ask which can guide you into making an informed decision.

Any competent lawyer today will not hesitate to give you a low-cost or even free first-time consultation meeting so they can have a clear picture of your legal issues. How about you take advantage of this first meeting to ask questions that will shed more light into their qualifications, competence, and skill? Rest assured when you ask the right questions you will have saved yourself so much trouble in regards to working with the wrong candidate. Here is an overview of the basic questions everyone should be asking a potential candidate for the job at hand.

Before looking at these questions, it is important to mention you should feel very comfortable asking questions relating to the experience, expertise, special knowledge, case management, and legal fees. How long have you been an attorney? It is within your legal mandate and interest to know the duration of time an attorney has been practicing law. Depending on the nature and magnitude of your case, they can as well be handled by someone fairly new in the industry (or not).

Do you have any other additional training in addition to your law degree? Note that cases such as those to do with DUI and patent law will require specialized training in addition to the basic law degree so ensure you know what your lawyer of choice has specialized in. Can you describe your typical client to me; This is an often overlooked question but very important nonetheless? You don’t want to waste your time interviewing a lawyer that only deals with corporates, now do you? It might do you good and save you lots of time to visit the official website of the law firm before your meeting so you can have some background info. of their legal practice.

Always feel free to ask about a lawyer’s track record without feeling or acting shy so seek to establish the number of cases similar to yours that they have handled. It is also important that you set the record straight in regards to the attorney’s fee and legal costs.

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